Man Sets 2 Cops on Fire, chopped 2 persons and firebomb 3 houses in Portland

Last Friday, August 28th a man who is believed to be of unsound mind went on a rampage in Canewood, Portland.

The man was allegedly beaten and chopped on the neck about a week before his bloody reaction ” it’s the first time him gone so far” states his sister “him bomb 3 house a think him chop up two a dem and bun up one a dem” she explained, the turn of events before the cops got hurt.

The man, according to his sister was provoked to cause his reactions. The police cornered the out-of-control man in a house where he refused to exit and reportedly attacked the police leaving two with burn injuries.

It’s reported that one man got life-threatening burns and was transported to the hospital with a sheet wrapped around him to help stop excessive bleeding while another man was chopped in the head.

It’s believed that the attacker created the fire-bomb cocktails from over night, Learn more from the video below.

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