Police kill ‘Problem Child’ in Westmoreland

Thursday, August 27, 2020, 3:09 PM GMT-5

According to police reports Raynor White aka ‘Problem Child’ was wanted by the Westmoreland police for several rapes, robberies and shootings.

White, 29 years old was recently charged for the raping of a senior citizen in the parish and since his killing, several females have come forward with rape and robbery cases.

His most recent rape incident was reportedly committed on August 11, 2020 where he pulled a female from her gate into bushes.

The police report that while on an operation last Saturday, Problem Child saw the cops and pointed a pistol at them the report further states that ‘Problem Child’ then engaged in a shootout with the police, actions were taken by the police which resulted in White being shot multiple times.

Problem Child was on the run at the time of his killing, a weapon owned him was recovered from the scene by the police. The incident took place on August 25th in the Bethel Town community of Westmoreland where white was widely feared.

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