Quada Confirms Split from Popcaan’s Unruly Camp and Talks New Plans

Dancehall artiste Quada has changed up his approach to the music business and went on Onstage Tv with Winford Williams, to share his story of transformation. Kicking off the interview, however, the host was quick to identify and get the elephant out of the room by asking the entertainer about his former affiliation with Popcaan and the Unruly Camp.

Where that is concerned, Quads told Winford Williams that it is always blessings and love from him to their team however, at this point he is doing his own thing as the Ceo, for Wellbad Entertainment. As it relates to his transformation, Quada explained to Onstage that it is a learning process to him that has occurred throughout his 5-6 years of experience in the business which has taught him how to carry himself and approach the business.


As a description of what he is going through, the young enigmatic entertainer calls it a reset, which comes with proper guidance, a solid approach, and him giving back more. Speaking more about the changes he has made, Quada told Winford Williams that he does not party like he used to and does not even drink anymore, in addition to the fact that he does not smoke as much as one time.

The entertainer’s use of language was so prolific in the interview that the host had no choice but to acknowledge what he said as the truth, which the ‘Wellbad Entertainment’ artiste attributed to good guidance. This according to Quada is very important since the necessity of good people around you to steer you in the right direction is a plus to becoming successful.

In contrast to the good life, the Dancehall act explained to Winford Williams that a lot of young people are turning to drugs, blurring their vision and disabling them to experience a better version of themselves and so the guidance is pertinent. Even though Quada said it took him a while to get to where he is, he is working towards only getting better and does this by always putting ideas to his team and focusing on solutions.

About his new song entitled “Di Vibes”, Winford Williams praised the young artiste for the use of no profanity in the track which the ‘Wellbad artiste’ spoke to as being a part of his new approach which he describes as having more structure and appeal to an international audience. The entertainer also highlighted that the message has to be an important factor in the music, speaking to the fact that what he grew up listening to had much to do with that.

Diving deeper into his family life Quada says he is the last of 6 children and grew up poor so he had to learn from early how to get things done. This coupled with the loss of his brother in 2009 and his mother in 2010 according to the artiste has had some of the biggest impacts on his life. 

Overall, however, Quada is very focused on the future and even though the murder trial concerning him is still with the courts, the deejay says he is “innocent” and moving forward being the best version of himself.

Watch the full interview below.

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