Security Guard Touches Sexxy Red’s Butt, Sparking Fight

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:33 PM GMT-5

A fight took place at an event after a security guard blatantly touched American rapper Sexxy Red’s butt. The inappropriate act was seemingly met with repercussions from her bodyguard, leading to a fistfight between her guard and what seemed to be an event security personnel.


Seconds before the fight erupted, Sexxy Red was being carried from the stage by one of her guards. While in his arms, a security officer extended his hand and casually touched her bottom just before they walked past him.

Sexxy Red, who was very much aware of the strange hand on her butt, immediately turned to address the security guard. Her bodyguard subsequently lowered her to the ground and took matters into his own hands.

It is unclear what happened when he went to confront the guard, but it can be speculated that Sexxy Red’s bodyguard hit him since the guard was touching his face and examining his hand in a video that captured the incident.

The video, captured by a fan, showed the bodyguard fighting another security guard shortly after leaving to confront the one who touched her. Nevertheless, the fight was short-lived, as the two were quickly separated.

Watch the video of the incident below:


Since the video was shared online, the incident has garnered mocking comments and disapproval.

One individual said, “Not Cool to Touch a ladys Body however much her body is Seductive. Actually its a Crime,” and another wrote, “Respecting personal boundaries is crucial. Unwanted touches are never okay.”

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