Ishawna and Dovey Magnum Trade Insults Reigniting Their Feud – Watch Videos

Thursday, December 21, 2023, 10:44 AM GMT-5

After not performing at the same event as each other for quite a while, Dovey Magnum and Ishawna seem to have rekindled their long-running beef after trading insults on stage at Ghetto Splash.

It is unclear what exactly started the exchange this time, however, Dovey Magnum seemed to be upset that she was being rushed through her set and allegedly claimed that it was Ishawna’s doing because she wanted to ruin her performance.

A screenshot of a post made by Dovey on Instagram stated, “Unu pay attention!!!…The people dem nuh blind them see the Preeee.”

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During her stage performance Dovey also said, “And mi nuh wah nobody a rush mi either…mi deh yah from when…and mi gi everybody respect, so unnuh agguh respect mi ting.” She also stated, “a tight pu**y gyal time them other bitches got to wait… run weh dah big pu**y gyal deh yuh hear that.”

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When it was Ishawna’s turn to perform, the controversial female deejay came out with fighting words, throwing shade at Dovey by stating, “Some girl neva get nuh bands…you know it’s Ishy, some gal pu**y itchy, and to how dem pu**y big not even lieutenant cyah stichy. What is wrong with these fu**ing dirty ass h*es?” She even reiterated a part of her statement later with a caption she added to an IG reel of her performance.

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In response to Dovey Magnum’s post, people in her comment section agreed that the artiste has not been treated the best in the Dancehall industry since her career started.

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As for Ishawna’s comment section, many of her fans seemed to be enjoying the antics and one even stated, “One thing she ago do, is Lowe the media to talk, keep it cute and then just wait until her performances she gwan wid the things dem.”

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Watch Dovey’s performance below:

Watch Ishawna’s performance below:

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