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DWL: Nah Fight Ova Gal – BawdaCat [Video]

Watch this another video clip of comedic site worker Bawda Cat. “gwaan guh shabby and mek di youth dem grow good” Cat explains that parents should spend on their children before they spend on their self. Watch the full video below Related WATCH: For Jokes… “Such Man Owe Krotch Money” …

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‘Thieving gal’ Woman Robs BawdaCat Chain [Video]

Seemingly on break, it’s time for jokes again. Cat talks about one of his woman robbing his chain. Watch the full hilarious video below RELATED WATCH: “Why mi must watch my woman?” Bawda Cat [Video] WATCH: Bawda Cat: Back at work, Talks Big-Foot Baby Mother [Video] WATCH: “God Nuh Have …

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