Tony Rebel Promises Unforgettable 30th Rebel Salute Plus Gives Lineup Details – Watch Interview

Sunday, January 7, 2024, 4:12 PM GMT-5

The 30th anniversary of Rebel Salute promises to be an unforgettable event, and reggae enthusiasts are urged by Rebel Salute founder Tony Rebel to attend. This year’s edition of the annual music festival will take place at Plantation Cove in St Ann, running from January 19 to 20.

The stage will be graced by a multitude of talented artistes, including Yellowman, Turbulence, Tanzie, Sean Paul, Queen Ifrica, Peter Metro, Mortimer, Luciano, Louie Culture, Little John, Linval Thompson, and Josey Wales.


While the lineup features seasoned entertainers who are expected to pull audiences, Rebel Salute has faced challenges due to the limited number of younger reggae performers to pass on the torch and continue the tradition of preserving the culture.

Tony Rebel spoke on this impact on the event with I Never Knew Tv, saying, “Most of the stalwarts in reggae died, and most a dem is very ill now. The thing about reggae is that we need the next generation to come forward to hold their greatness just like the elders did…How that has impacted Rebel Salute; it cause us to dig deep into our artiste lineup. We have to dig deep into the box to find artiste every time.”

Tony Rebel subsequently mentioned that reggae music continues to have a profound impact worldwide. However, he expressed concern that the individuals benefiting the most from this genre are predominantly white entertainers who have been influenced by its culture.

According to Tony Rebel, two significant factors that make it increasingly challenging for those born into the reggae culture to thrive in the industry are the existence of white privilege and the fact that there are more “flavour of the week” songs than timeless and inspirational music.

Additionally, Tony Rebel reminisced on the most memorable performances during Rebel Salute’s 29-year run. Tony Rebel highlighted that some of the best acts that left audiences amazed included Garnett Silk’s soulful performance in 1994, which left many patrons in tears, Junior Byles’ 2004 performance, and Jimmy Cliff’s 2005 performance, which went over two hours.

Rebel further expressed that the event saw 29 great years, adding that this year will be another phenomenal comeback.

“People should come to Rebel Salute just to witness it..We are here to provide for you edutainment (educational entertainment) nonstop and the preservation of reggae music and the preservation of our culture. That is what you’re going to get when you come to this year Rebel Salute, the 30th staging,” he said.

Watch the interview with Tony Rebel below:

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