Vybz Kartel takes another break from Social Media

Vybz Kartel who is usually active daily on Instagram has taken a break from the social media platform once again. It’s unclear why the Worl’boss has not updated his social media pages in over a week when he as been doing so frequently for months.

The last time the Gaza boss took a break he stated that he would not return until 2021 seemingly after he had a string of bad luck both online and in his legal battles. Kartel did not live up to his words back in April for he was back only in May promoting his then newly released song on youtube.

In the past, Vybz Kartel is known to visit the Hospital to treat an ongoing illness he has which is widely rumoured to be a Kidney issue. This reoccurrence may be the cause for Kartel’s absence or he could be doing it as a strategic move for his upcoming music release which is always not too far away.

Vybz Kartel’s most recent post on IG his preferred social media page was from August 24th and his fans are anticipating what’s next.

Kartel legal woes, the new attorney at Law representing Dancehall Artiste Vybz Kartel at the privy council has made his comments as to his position concerning Vybz Kartel and his efforts to overturn the murder conviction handed to him.

Buchanan who is also a recording artist as well as a fan of Vybz Kartel dubbed the artiste as “Jamaica’s National Treasure and musical lifeline”. He mentioned that it was an honor to be representing Vybz Kartel as an attorney at law. Buchanan told the news that the local music industry is “Stagnant” stemming from the freedom of expression being fought.

Isat Buchanan

Alongside Isat Buchanan’s representation of Vybz Kartel properly known as Adidjah Palmer, co-convicted Kahira Jones, and Andre St. John is now being represented by Attorney at law John Clarke while Attorney Bert Samuels still represents Shawn Campbell otherwise known as “Shawn Storm”. The date for the start of the hearing was June 29, 2020.

Since recently Isat Buchanan has become notable for his work on the George Williams case that saw him helping Williams who is known to be mentally ill to walk free after 50 years without a trial.

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