D’Angel Reminisces on Old Times with Bounty and Beenie – See Photos

The first lady of dancehall, D’Angel, took a moment to reminisce on old times, taking her Instagram followers on a trip down memory lane with some throwback photographs of her and her exes, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man.

Seemingly in a nostalgic mood, the artiste began posting the series of throwback photos on Tuesday, starting with a picture of her and her two sisters, Nadine and Joan, when they were little and asked fans if they could identify which of the three was her.

D’Angel followed up the family post with a picture of a more recognizable her in her signature red hair, alongside a blond-haired Elephant Man, without his now trademark multicoloured braids.

“A years a friendship eno we just look same way true we heart clean and we love God,” D’Angel wrote in the picture’s caption.

On Wednesday, D’Angel incited quite a stir in her comment section after posting a photo of her in a bedazzled dress with her arms around her ex-boyfriend Bounty Killer, followed by a picture of her and ex-husband Beenie Man.

“If you recognize anyone in these photo tag dem,” the singer requested.

The artiste’s followers had a laugh in the comments, with one writing, “bwoy angel u just kick up a storm after yuh see Ian just pass we gone,” while another jokingly said it was rival American rappers, Tupac and Biggie.

 No one seemed prepared to take the bait, with one person stating, “next thing me go tagged dem an dem diss me.”

D’Angel, born Michelle Downer, rose to prominence in the early 2000s with hits such as Living Uptown (Downtown Girl) and One Man, featuring Beenie Man. She became embroiled in controversy after her split with Bounty and eventual marriage to Beenie Man, who were staunch rivals at the time. During an interview with Spice on an episode of her show Magnum’s Spice It Up, Bounty shared that he was very hurt after their breakup and her union with Beenie. Later, addressing Bounty’s statements, D’Angel said that she did not intentionally hurt him, nor did she plan on entering into a relationship with Beenie. The singer said that Bounty did not support her music career, but Beenie did. D’Angel added that her four-year marriage with Beenie ended because she wanted different things in life.

Read what some persons thought about D’Angel’s throwback photos below:

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