Woman is Divorcing Her Husband Because His Penis is Too Big

It is every bride’s nightmare to encounter marital problems right after saying ‘I DO’. This was what happened to one bride who found herself facing a problem that was literally too big for her to handle.

The unexpected issue came to light when the newlyweds were on their honeymoon, which was when the woman discovered that her husband’s penis was too big.


The woman wrote a letter explaining her situation with her husband, whom she has been married to for three years. The pair said their vows within six months of meeting at the church they both attended.

“I met my husband in church and he appeared to be such a good man. I always wanted to marry a Christian,” she wrote in the letter to Dear Pastor. “Listening to him testify, I thought I had met a perfect man.”

According to the woman, when they met, he told her that he was a virgin because he did not believe in “wasting his sperm by using the condom.” The man, who was 30 years old, also said that he remained celibate by praying. While the writer believed that he was a virgin, her sister laughed upon hearing about it and said she would not trust him. 

The letter also disclosed that the woman confessed that she had slept with multiple men, and her partner told her he would forgive her for that. Some months later, they were ready to walk down the aisle. Vows were exchanged, and they drove to the north coast for their honeymoon, but the special moment turned awful when she saw her husband’s manhood.


I was so disappointed. When the man took off his clothes, he had the longest and the largest penis I have ever seen. Right away I knew I could not handle it,” she stated. “He lay on the bed on his back and trust me, his penis almost touched the ceiling. He tried to force himself on me, but he couldn’t enter me.”

Despite being at the hotel for days, the writer said that all her husband could do was give her oral sex.

The two are currently going through a divorce, and the anonymous woman said that she has been sleeping with another man. At the end of the letter, she stated that she would never take such a chance on another man without being sexually familiar with him.

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