Man Shot During Confrontation with Police in Manchester – Watch Video

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is looking into an incident that left a man shot and hospitalized in Manchester on Monday, December 5. A video of the incident has taken root on the internet between a man alleged to be of unsound mind and the police subsequent to a series of peculiar developments.

In the viral video circulating on social media, the man can be seen holding multiple stones in his hand and refusing to listen to the calls from the authorities to stand down. Bystanders could be heard in the background saying that the individual is a marksman and “like them set him man, dem obeah deh bwoy yah and set him fi kill himself.”

According to a high-ranking source from the police, it was said that an individual, thought to be mentally ill, took it upon himself to remove a clamp from a vehicle at around 2:00 PM on Monday close to the town square on Manchester Road. The car was in violation of being parked in a no-parking zone.

Speaking on the chain of events that transpired, the policeman stated, “He removed the clamp and placed it in the car trunk. They [municipal team] called the police and they responded and ended up on Bank House Mall where there was a standoff for over an hour, so they called for back-up and summoned the mental health unit. In the process of treating him, he attacked them,” the police source said.

The man, dressed in an array of yellow clothing, was pursued by a team of municipal police with the task of clamping vehicles, all the way to the parking lot of Bank House Mall, Manchester Road. Reported to be brandishing a knife, the alleged madman assaulted both the health care workers that came to assist and the police.

After a standoff of about an hour, the man was shot in the foot by an officer, after which he was taken to a nearby hospital and admitted so that he could receive treatment for his injury.

Watch the video of the incident below: