Massive Anaconda Discovered in Amazon Rainforest; Undocumented Species – Video

A formerly unrecorded species of snake, reportedly the largest in the world, has been found in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest by researchers.

Reports state that a research team from the University of Queensland was invited by the Indigenous Waorani people to study the anaconda in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The newly documented snake is a species of green anacondas, which are the world’s heaviest snakes.

This species, the northern green anaconda (Eunectes akayima), is rumoured to be the largest in existence, with the Queensland team sharing anecdotal evidence which describes anacondas 24.6 feet in length and weighing 1,100 pounds.

In a video reportedly of one of the snakes, a diver can be seen swimming beside the large reptile at the bottom of a river.

The enthusiastic diver gestured triumphantly as the creature swam across the river bed, seemingly unbothered by his presence.

According to Professor Bryan Fry, who led the Queensland team, during the team’s 10-day expedition with hunters into the Bameno region and journey downriver, they discovered multiple anacondas. Fry said the snakes lurked in the shadows while they waited for their prey.

So far, the team has discovered a 20.7-foot female that Fry described as astounding.

“The size of these magnificent creatures was incredible—one female anaconda we encountered measured an astounding 6.3 metres (20.7 feet) long,” Fry stated.

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