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Jahvillani Rising Star in Dancehall

Jahvillani who’s real name is Dujon Edwards has become a new Rising Star on the Jamaican Dancehall scene, with a Hit song called ‘Wile Side Government ” Released October 2018. In a recent interview on popular Jamaican Tv Show Onstage TV, the St. Ann artiste spoke about graduating from Ocho Rios High School in St Ann, Jamaica in 2011 and started pursuing music as a career choice right after. Jahvillani spoke about his determination, and how he started voicing professionally back in 2014. The Wile Side Government explains that he voiced for many different producers both big and small throughout his journey. Some notable producers that Jahvillani has done work with are Hemton, YGF, Dancehall Promo, Zj Sunshine, Shabdon, YardhypeMusic, Skibbo Don, Damage Musiq and a lot more. He is now doing well as an artiste, his music is loved by people all over the world and he can hardly …

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Milk Opens Up To Being Bounty Killer’s Side Chick For 7 Years [Video]

A discussion on the issue of being a side chick, “I was Bounty Killer’s side chick for seven years” Amelia ‘Milk’ Sewell opens up about her side chick role while in a relationship with Bounty Killer. “no artiste is ever going to be faithful to any one person” says Milk. “i knew of most of the women and i knew who the main person was and i keep my respect” Milk explains that she and Bounty Killer started off as just friends. “all of us get attention” Sewel explains that she knew her place, she was not the wife but she did not lack attention from Bounty. In fact, D’Angel was the wife, she and D’Angel knew about each other and could not get along back then but they are friends now. “i don’t get involve with the drama… and i cant start a scene being Milk the side chick” …

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Ryno Disses Khago After Baby Mama Drama

Blak Ryno did an interview recently whereby he spoke about his music stop being played, death rumours, sending money to Jamaica and falling out with fellow deejay khago. What are some of the things you would want people to know about Blak Ryno? Ryno replied saying “Mi will neva kill mi self” after which everyone in the studio burst out in a laugh, this is Ryno responding to people who said he recently faked his death. “Mi tun wollep a youth inna millionaire”, “di people dem a judge me wrongfully cause mi lef gaza” said Blak Ryno. Ryno also stated that he sends money back home to help put together events. Lack of Music Ryno States that right after he left Gaza and parted ways with Vybz Kartel his music stops getting air-play, “a di media a duh dem ting yah to mi” , Ryno went on to state that …

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Shenseea Forced To Cancel More Shows Over Health Issue

Dancehall princess Shenseea had to cancel more shows as a result of her current voice issue. Shenseea wrote the following on her IG story “Sorry to all my Shenyengz for all the shows i’ve canceled but i have to put my health first”, she also said “Healthy ShenYeng Boss = better performances and better music… which is coming btw.”. “i haven’t been able to sing a song properly or anything… on my shows you can hear my voice leaving in the middle of my set” said Shenseea. Last month Shenseea explained that she went to the doctor with her voice issue and she was advised to not perform, shout nor record any music, she should to take medication and rest for two weeks. In a live video chat the LOODI artiste also explains that the doc told her that if she don’t stop singing asap her condition will get worse …

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LISTEN: Vybz Kartel, Spice – Back Way : SONG

They are at it again, Dancehall’s Male and Female Dynamic Duo from Ramping shop to now “Back Way”, Raunchy, as usual, Vybz kartel and Spice don’t disappoint with their witty lyrics and catchy melodies. SOME LYRICS “She love tun back way, cah tek di presha but di pum pum brave… dah man yah a look slave, hood fire inna mi hole start blaze… bum off mi buddy and done, rev out mi body and don, stab out mi belly and cum.. Teach mi nah run.. tek whine, tek whine… dont yo love di sex life.. whine up inna mi cause mi love it when yo drunk and crash the benz truck inna mi Ferrari front” Released May 3, 2019 Dancehall Music Genere Produced by TJ Records Listen to the full song below! [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/QecS1gbr1TY”] Related READ: Spice Interview on Fox 5 NY, Talks Loyalty To Vybz Kartel and more READ: …

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Adidja Palmer aka Likkle Vybz Birthday Party April 2019 [Video]

Check out highlights from Vybz Kartel’s oldest son Adidja Palmer aka Likkle Vybz B’day event 2019 FULL with appearances from his mother Tanesha shorty Palmer, Grandmother(Kartel’s Mother). Grandfather(Kartel’s father), Brother, his sister plus family members, friends and loved ones. This is Likkle Vybz’s 16th birthday party. Versace Themed Party, Vybz and his Brother Likkle Addi also performed their recently released songs called “fully Gaza” and “Dolla Sign”. Watch the full video below! [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Fk2JJZzxET4″]

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Popcaan “Traumatized” Opens Up About His Friend ‘Unruly Shagel’ Getting 38 Stabs inside His House

“A real G mi seh R.I.P you are the meaning to loyalty” Popcaan releases a new reflective emotional song called “Traumatized”. Popcaan is clearly still hurting about his “Bredda” getting stabbed to death at his house located in upper St Andrew Home. Reports are that Shagel was stabbed to death in his bed while Popcaan was overseas touring. It is believed that Thompson was killed in an attempted robbery Popcaan said the following right after Shagel’s untimely death “me carry one a me bredda dem from St Thomas – me family. Me carry him come a town wid me fi better him life and better him family life, and some bwoy go inna me house go kill him. But guess wah, God see everything and God know everything ’cause Shagel a one a di realest yute weh me ever know inna me life, yuh hear dat, and a my bredda …

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Vybz Kartel Targeted By Scammers

vybz kartel

“Biggup every scamma weh mek US dolla” A line from one of Vybz Kartel’s popular songs is backfiring on him again, this time via facebook. According to Sikka Rhymes Vybz Kartel is currently being targeted even though he’s behind bars, the business partner and protege of Kartel explains that persons are collecting money for dubs etc via a facebook page called ‘Vybz Kartel’, Sikka went on to explain that the real Vybz Kartel facebook page is called ‘Adidja Azim Palmer’ and has a blue verification badge. In a recent interview with the Jamaica Star Sikka stated “It’s so sad that people would want to take from a man that is behind bars. At least you have your freedom so please do something positive with your time so that you can leave a legacy for yourselves,” he said. Vybz Kartel does not voice dubplates, Sikka stated “We are asking DJs/selectors to …

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Shane E Talks Tommy Lee Sparta Feud… +Cousin Corey Merital’s Death

In a recent interview with Entertainment report, fast-rising Dancehall artiste Shane E spoke about where he’s from, flankers, Tommy Lee Sparta fallout and his cousin Corey Merital being killed. The Tommy Lee Issue? 29-year-old Shane E he explains that he took Tommy Lee Sparta’s title, stating that Tommy Lee is running with people topic, pointing at Blessings, “Tommy Lee nuh hot” he said. Is it personal Anthony asked? SHane E aka Drog Lord responded stating that noting is personal between the two, it’s just a lyrical battle between the two. Shane E states that Tommy Lee should defend his Mobay Godfather title as he is the new Godfather to Mobay. The death of his cousin Corey Merital, ” mi nuh really wah talk about it… R.I.P to cory Merital a mi Idol” he explained that he looked up to Corey in music more than anyone else. Derrick ‘Corey’ Edwards was …

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LISTEN: Tommy Lee Sparta – Top Shotta : SONG

Mobay deejay Tommy Lee Sparta drops this hardcore track called Top Shotta (Official Audio) (Reincarnation Album track 7). “weh yo think mi have time fi waste, weh yah try duh Mr. Chin beat the system, Max dun him” says Spragga Benz. Tommy Lee pays homage to classic Jamaican Movie Top Shattas, released back in 2002 and his still arguably Jamaica’s biggest Movie to date, two Jamaican drug dealers Ky-Mani Marley and Spragga Benz travel to Miami and continue their plot to take over even if it involved violence. SOME LYRICS “Yow top shotta deh yah…Glock 17.. dem jus pick up badniss a wah duh antena.. march wid di rifle it light like featha” Released April 30th Dancehall music genre Produced by Bosslady Muzik [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/49erPIQmkPE”] RELATED WATCH: Rygin King and Tommy Lee Sparta Performs at St. Ann Kite Fest [Video] WATCH: Tommy Lee Sparta here Praising God and Asking For …

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