Bounty wants to See an End to Domestic Violence, Says Women are not Men’s Property

Bounty Killer is taking on the issues that are related to how men and women conduct their lives. He says he saw his father abuse his mother, but he no longer wants to blame the environment that he grew up in for his actions. He spoke about how he was shot when he was 16-years-old and how he didn’t have a father in his home, it was just him and his mother with his siblings.

However he doesn’t want to live in the past and he now says women are men’s most important asset as the creator of life and ” women power is in their mouths” they say and do things at times that cause men to lose control, but it is better for men to walk away and start over with someone else, whenever they see where the relationship they are in is not working. As the woman with the beautiful shape and other things they like, might not be the right woman for them.

It is best for them to keep on searching until they find the right one, instead of trying to fix the wrong woman, as this is a frustrating task.

He spoke to an audience about what he did at the “Women’s Day International Show ” recently and when he touched on certain issues, he noticed that he got a backlash. He accepts that he has hit women before and got into trouble as well, but he has learned from his mistakes and wants to do more to help other persons, so they won’t mess up their lives as he did.

He lost his visa and he believes it happened because of the way he went about as an artiste who promoted a kind of violent persona. When he was cross, miserable and angry, but now he is looking at life in a different way.

He even started looking at women as if they are all his mother or his daughter, because his mother would always tell him things that would hurt him, but he would never think about hitting her or his daughter. He believes this is the way all men should see women and change the way things are going on now, where women are sometimes seen as the property of men.

This causes them to see the money they spend on women as an investment and they seem to believe they can’t end relationships because of what they spent. He said they should see the money they spent as rent and not an investment. This will make it easier for them to walk away when the relationship is not working.

He also spoke about the woman he has been with for the past 15 years and they have a bond. She has been there with him through the bad times and she doesn’t revenge him when he hurts her. He says he gets scared sometimes and wonders if she will hurt him, but their relationship has stood the test of time.
He wants all Jamaicans to have better relationships as the violence is out of control now and it needs to stop.