47-Year-Old Clarendon Male Hacked to Death with Machete

Residents of the usually quiet community of Frankfield, Clarendon, were forced to summon law enforcement officers to a property belonging to a member of their community in the wee hours of the night when a horrid incident sent chills up the spines of the natives.

The community members were awakened by noises coming from Geovaughni Parkinson’s home and it was reported that Parkinson was engaged in an argument with a man whose identity has yet to be acquired. During the altercation, the unidentified suspect took up arms and delivered several decisive chops to Parkinson’s torso.

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On arrival, the responding officers found Parkinson suffering from his severe injuries and took him to the hospital for treatment, but he succumbed to his wounds soon after.

Clive Mundle, deputy mayor and councillor for the Frankfield division, condemned the unidentified person’s actions. He then spoke of the community’s normally quiet nature and expressed his outrage at the murder of Geovaughni Parkinson.

For the past year, the parish has seen a decline in murders committed, with a total of 92 people killed when compared to the 106 killed in 2021.