6IX9INE Trending In Jamaica With “GINÉ”

New York rapper 6IX9INE returns with a new song called “GINÉ” which was accompanied by a flashy music video. It’s a song about how crazy he can get and how connected he is in the streets despite what some other rappers are saying about him.

The music video has a lot of booty shaking and colourful scenery. “GINÉ” has racked up over five million views on youtube and is trending at the 29 spot in Jamaica which is pretty impressive numbers.

SOME LYRICS, “I got the game on lock…”

The comment with the most reactions was, “At this point the fact that he’s still alive to make music is quite an achievement,” another person from the USA stated, “This man went from #12 on tending to #1 in a single night. He will not be stopped!”

Watch the music video for “GINÉ” below.

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