Female Attacked by Boyfriend on Camera During Sexual Behaviour on Live – Watch Video

A woman was observed being assaulted by an unidentified man after she displayed obscene behaviour on camera. The woman was provocatively exposing her body while posing in what appeared to be a bedroom.

Moments after she noticed her boyfriend watching, she quickly pulled up her garments, in what appeared to be pink-polka-dotted trousers. He then went on to pull her hair and took several jabs and kicked her.

However, some of the viewers believed the male attacker was indeed the victim in the matter.

“Good for him!!! Time she learns Discipline!!” a viewer expressed.

“Money can’t keep them from thotting, Abuse can’t keep them from thotting, Simping cant keep them from thotting, The only weapon you have against women is indifference,” another viewer posted.

An uproar was caused in the media as some thought the female was not being faithful based on the rumoured relationship.

Because of the language, many people speculated about the couple’s origin, with the majority guessing that they were European or Asian. Some others made hilarious remarks regarding what started the altercation.

The female’s condition is unknown.

Watch the viral video below: