New York Man’s Execution-Style Killing Caught On Camera

The NYPD has released a very thrilling video captured on a ghost camera, showing an incident that saw 26-year-old Peter Panthier being shot at point-blank range, execution-style.

Based on the footage that has been captured, Panthier who is reported to be from Brooklyn, New York was seen walking with someone down an alley at a location said to be 624 Grassmere Terrace in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York when the person he was walking with turned to him unexpectedly and fired what appears in the video to look like two shots to the man’s head.

At no point in time did the two persons in the video look as if they were having a dispute of any kind, so it would have been a real surprise to anyone watching the video to see the man who was wearing a hooded sweater turn to Panthier, and fatally shot him. For a moment they even seemed to have been walking as if they were friends on the same move since the now-deceased man was also wearing similar-looking clothing to that of the killer.

The incident reportedly took place at 8:10 pm last Saturday, and based on what is shown in the video the person who did the shooting immediately fled the scene after committing the act.

Watch the video below of the New York man getting shot at point-blank range.

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