Popcaan’s Alleged Ex OnlyFans Video Leaked; She Responds – Watch Video

Kyhighlah, Popcaan’s alleged ex-girlfriend responds to a podcast where the topic of her salacious OnlyFans video being leaked was discussed and she responds in the comment section by bashing the broadcasters.

Recently, Kyhighlah has been making a lot of social media appearances where she accuses Popcaan of being a stalker and her ex and says that his relationship with Toni-Ann Singh is just for clout and the media. The dancehall deejay is yet to publicly address the accusations and the question on the minds of the masses seems to be multiplying as the silence continues.

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On the podcast Fix Up, a JaRadio TV production, with hosts Wiz and Shakera, they address the burning question of if the Family entertainer and the OnlyFans model were ever actually in a relationship, and if they were, then in what capacity.

They seemed to both agree on the speculation that Popcaan was only using Kyhighlah for sex and that there were no feelings involved. A short clip of a Kyhighlah OnlyFans video shows her masturbating with an object before inserting it into her mouth and Wiz commented that based on the video, she was “extreme” and “if Popcaan wife up,” Kyhighlah, then it would not look good as a widely known international artiste.

He did, however, make it clear that he was not bashing anyone who used the OnlyFans platform as a form of work.

Comparing the relationship to his current one with Singh, they pointed out the disparity and issues it could cause for his partner. Shakera also mentioned the duality of thinking Singh is either the upgrade or has to step up her game to compete in the bedroom to match what Popcaan might be seemingly into, even making note of the stripper Popcaan was sleeping with.

They also brought up the fact that Kyhighlah seemed to have planned the leak of the voicenotes from day one because it was suspect that she even thought to record their conversations and the fact that she came on social media to broadcast a relationship that no one knew about.

Responding to the podcast video, Kyhighlah said, “You people on this podcast give colorist and hate vibes !!! How dumb are you two really ?? How my videos revealed when I been living my thruth ??? GET OVER IT WEIRDOS !!!!! Stop mek video fi bring me dung … vex true me say unuh favorite a stalker ‘ go SUCK UNUH MADA AND STOP BRING UP STUFF THAT IS OBVIOUS AND BEEN OUT THERE TO GET VIEWS !”

In response, someone said, “Popcaan is under no obligation to deny or confirm anything this woman is claiming. And I hope he never answers her back. Whilst she is revealing his alleged secrets she better remember all of her will be revealed too,” while another stated, “This confirms to me that she’s exaggerating & carrying feelings. She’s capable of anything.”

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