My Wife Had Sex In My Bed With Her Co-Worker

A four-year marriage was broken apart after a man caught his wife in bed with her co-worker when he came home from work early.

The man, who did not seem to regret his decision of ending his relationship with his wife, wrote a letter detailing what happened in his marriage and noted that his wife accused him of impulsively ending their marriage instead of working things out.

In the letter, the writer explained that while he went out to work in the mornings, his wife has been working from home since the pandemic hit Jamaica. During this normal routine, his wife’s co-worker began working with her at home in February.

“In February, my wife’s co-worker came over to our house for three days in a row to work with her. I had no issue with that because I understood the nature of their job,” he stated.

However, on the fourth day when his wife’s co-worker came to their house to work, he discovered that it was not strictly business as pleasure had come into the mix. The revelation was made after he came home early due to his overseas client’s flight being cancelled.

“I caught my wife and her co-worker in bed having sex. I left without creating uproar. The gentleman called both my office and my cell phone but I have not answered,” he wrote.

Subsequently, he informed his family about what happened, and he also informed the two children, a boy and a girl, he had with his wife, “that their mother was interested in someone else.” He also told his kids that he would be away for some time, and he made arrangements to have a live-in nanny help in caring for them.

Having rented a house for himself, he would speak to them over video calls and visit them at schools. The writer also noted that he had already called his lawyer and, being that he did not want to speak to his wife, he only communicated with her through the lawyer.

His wife, who was hoping to resolve things, has called him several times, but he never answers. Since calling had proven to be futile, she decided to send him a message. He wrote that his wife sent him an upset voice message claiming that he “acted too quickly” and marriage counsel should have been the first resort.

However, he explained that he truly did not want to repair their marriage and, with that reason, he and his wife have never discussed what happened.

His wife also continued by claiming that he “put her in a bad position” because she usually dropped the children at his mother’s home and now, with his mother aware of the cheating, his wife no longer felt comfortable going there.

As his letter concluded he went on to say, “Before I moved out of the house, my wife expressed concern that if we do not appear together, that would cause her to face questions at work. I told my co-workers as well so they wouldn’t ask about her. Was I wrong?”

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