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Tommy Lee Sparta DAUGHTER and NEPHEW Shot in Flankers

tommy lee sparta

Developing reports are that Mobay deejay Leroy Junior Russell aka Tommy lee Sparta’s daughter was one of 2 kids shot on Sunday evening March 22nd in the Flankers Community. According to Tommy Lee’s manager, his daughter was shot and is now in a stable condition. Boss Lady Muzik stated “There was a shooting incident in the community of Flankers ( St James parish) on March 22nd, 2020. Unfortunately, Mr. Leroy Junior Russell AKA @tommyleesparta’s young daughter suffered an injury.” Boss Lady also explains that “She was transferred to the hospital and is currently in a stable condition. On behalf of Boss Lady Muzik’s team, we ask for everyone especially fans to respect Mr. Russell’s privacy during this difficult time and pray for the speedy recovery of his young daughter. Thank you” Further reports state that Tommy lee’s Nephew who is 9 years old was shot in the incident however he …

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Tommy Lee Sparta Now Dancing after Legal Woes

Tommy Lee Sparta 2020

[Sharingbuttons] Tommy Lee’s career seems to be back on track after he managed to leave years of legal troubles behind in 2018. In a recent interview he spoke about loving himself and allowing others to be who they want to be. He is so proud of himself and his team because he is steamy, he has even started dancing as he is more settled in his mind these days. His last song was one for the fans who didn’t like dancing, he wanted them to be more energetic. “Bad man links”, “Blessings”, “Under Vibes” are some of his tracks that are blazing up the place. The world love darkness but they don’t like violence. He was not on the last Sumfest because the previous year had drained him after he had to close the show. He plans to be there this year and he is glad to see the many new …

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The Controversy Surrounding Tommy Lee and AceGawd

[Sharingbuttons] In a recent interview, Ace Gawd tried to clear up the controversy that has been going on because he sounds like Tommy Lee. Jamaicans are saying he is trying to take over Tommy Lee’s style and he says he has not changed his voice in any way and there is nothing he can do if his voice causes him to sound like Tommy Lee, who is another Jamaican artiste that puts out music that is similar to his. There is not much difference between both of them as they both have connections with the dark side. The EMO artiste had an evil-looking creature on his hoodie, he wears a Guard ring and deejays dark lyrics sometimes, and Tommy Lee is known in the Dancehall as the Demon. However, Ace Gawd says he and Tommy Lee have a cordial relationship, they respect each other, and he sees no sense in …

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WATCH: Tommy Lee Sparta – Blessings [Music Video] HD

Mobay deejay Tommy Lee Sparta has finally released his much-anticipated music video for his hit single called “blessings” which is arguably the biggest song of his musical career. SOME LYRICS “only person mi fear a just god and cops, mi doh wah si nuh handcup, cah tek not a tie strap… nuh mek sense yuh tek yo heart gi ppl.. dem same one seh yuh a pussy wen di right come… a woleep pressure anyweh money deh and pleasure, yo si woleep a jealousy and hater, dem want it all fi dem self them a scraper” Released May 8, 2019 Dancehall reggae Music genre. Produced by DamageMusiq, on the Conquest Paradise Riddim Watch the full music video below! [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/V2u1EqQZMAA”] RELATED READ: Shane E Talks Tommy Lee Sparta Feud… +Cousin Corey Merital’s Death LISTEN: Tommy Lee Sparta – Top Shotta : SONG WATCH: Rygin King and Tommy Lee Sparta Performs …

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LISTEN: Tommy Lee Sparta – Top Shotta : SONG

Mobay deejay Tommy Lee Sparta drops this hardcore track called Top Shotta (Official Audio) (Reincarnation Album track 7). “weh yo think mi have time fi waste, weh yah try duh Mr. Chin beat the system, Max dun him” says Spragga Benz. Tommy Lee pays homage to classic Jamaican Movie Top Shattas, released back in 2002 and his still arguably Jamaica’s biggest Movie to date, two Jamaican drug dealers Ky-Mani Marley and Spragga Benz travel to Miami and continue their plot to take over even if it involved violence. SOME LYRICS “Yow top shotta deh yah…Glock 17.. dem jus pick up badniss a wah duh antena.. march wid di rifle it light like featha” Released April 30th Dancehall music genre Produced by Bosslady Muzik [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/49erPIQmkPE”] RELATED WATCH: Rygin King and Tommy Lee Sparta Performs at St. Ann Kite Fest [Video] WATCH: Tommy Lee Sparta here Praising God and Asking For …

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Rygin King and Tommy Lee Sparta’s Performance last night in Mobay [Video]

This is the first time we seeing the 2 top Mobay artistes sharing a stage, with the 6ix taking over Mobay, Tommy Lee and Rygin King feels the urge to unite and make their voices be heard. A couple of months ago Rygin King posted a video of himself singing to Tommy Lee Sparta’s Song titled ‘Blessing’. This was to much person’s surprise as Rygin King was once good friends with fellow Mobay artiste Shane E and Shane E been feuding with Tommy Lee. Now Rygin King and Shane E are not friends, Now Tommy Lee and Rygin King are friends. Shane E is now rolling with the 6ix which also makes things complicated, a great divide in Mobay dancehall scene seems to be on the way. Watch the rare visual of Rygin King and Tommy Lee Sparta performing in Mobay. [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/tcQd1OtMu-4″] RELATED READ: Rygin King Talks “felt out …

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