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HOT-DOG: Pregnant After McDonalds [Video]

The Maury Show is lit, in this case a young woman and young man tries to solve their problem with a DNA test. “it’s yours though” the female screams while the ,man call her a”hot dog”. Watch the full video to see results below!

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Man Plays With Friendly Crocodile in Black River [Video]

One of the most friendly crocodile that you’ll ever see. In this rare sighting, a Jamaican tour guide calls a crocodile then hold onto it’s hand after it got close enough. The big crocodile showed no sign of aggression which is very rare. Watch the full video clip below RELATED …

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9yo Girl Kills Instructure By Accident [Video]

The young girl’s parents were there in the back filming their daughter learning to use a machine gun for the first time when the unexpected happened. Watch as this Firearms instructor was accidentally shot dead by nine-year-old girl in Arizona.

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