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24 Comments on "Big Woman gives little 8-Year-Old Boy A Lap Dance for his Birthday [Video]"

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Dagger juvenile a weh fem feel from early stage yuh know weh u fi guh. Don’t follow waste people and go di wrong way. A di gate way to life u at rite now. A it bring we come and a it a bring we back.


Useless piece of scrap


Kmt ….. all dis bullshit now
U see illiteracy this is what it breeds
There is no justification for this none !!

Big nasty dumb ass and the damn parent needs to be slapped to hell to !!!!!


She need to be locked up. Smdh


Black people need some serious help a swear…
Damn tramp let kids b kids n stop exposing them to u all dirty behavior..smfh
No wondee so much of our young men growning acting lke the females cause a u mothers fuckers confusing they ass..