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Alkaline asks Squash’s Mother For a HEADAZ in “Most Wanted”

By all accounts the current dancehall lyricall clash between Alkaline and Squash seems to be far from over, now that we are 3 rounds in and both artistes keep taking aim at each other, Squash fired a shot yesterday with ” Funeral Program” while today Alkaline is firing back with “Most Wanted”. Squash’s song “Funeral Program” has racked up almost 400k views in just 24 hours and is currently trending at #3 spot on youtube. On the other hand all Alkaline’s previous 2 songs in the clash trended at number one, we can only wait and see if this one will too. This new release seems to be for the purpose of controlling the number one spot as Squashes “Funeral Program” song is moving very fast and not too far from the number one spot. SOME LYRIC “Most wanted inna the streetz… wi nuh fraid fi dead… Most wanted and …

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Prime Minister Holness Enforces 2am lock-off time for Dancehall

Mr. Holness is concerned about the working people who need their sleep, even though he understands the concerns of party promoters and other persons in the entertainment industry who are having a problem with a 2 am lock off time. He believes there is a way for the people to find amicable solutions and maintain order. He spoke about it at the renaming ceremony on Sunday when the name of the Gordon Town square was changed to Miss Lou square. The Prime Minister said he heard the cry of all the persons in the entertainment industry, but as the society evolves, there is need for order, so that everyone can grow and thrive. He made it clear that the Government does not want to drown the lifestyle of the sector and make life difficult for the party promoters or stifle the Culture which is necessary for the lifestyle of our …

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Bounty Killer, Anthony B, Richie Stephens and Sizzla led album hits Billboard

On Sept 10th, the album Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica Reloaded entered the Billboard charts at number 6. The album includes several reggae and dancehall.giants including Black Uhuru, Anthony B, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Richie Stephens and Kip Rich. The album also includes upcoming sensations, The No-Madzz, Nature Ellis, Trinity Chris, Whitter the Legend, Perjah. Sizzla, Gmac and Ffurious, Anthony B, Richie Stephens, Sizzla and Gmac all appear courtesy of Italian label One Love Music. Other producers on the album include ZipJock Diamond, Top Braff Entertainment and S.Y.M. Records. The executive producer of the album is Sean Contractor Edwards and the album is receiving extensive airplay in the U.S.A. courtesy of the Dj Grid Usa and the Digital Radio Tracker. RELATED READ: Sean Kingston Completes Successful Peace of Mind UK Tour For Contractor Music Marketing READ: Contractor Music Marketing hits 1 month on Billboard Charts  

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Alkaline Has the Hottest Dancehall Song

According to youtube and several other online platforms “Death Announcements” By the vendetta boss Alkaline is the fastest moving song online. The high tempo grimy dancehall track was released on September 6th, less than a week ago and has racked up over 800k views on youtube as of september 11th. As usual, when two top dancehall artistes clash each other, us fans are pulled in to view and listen, Alkaline’s song “State A Emergency” which was released first was the number one trending track online until the release of “Death Announcements” which took the number one spot. While on the other hand Releases from Squash and Chronic Law holds off the number 2 and 3 spot. RELATED: LISTEN: Alkaline – Death Announcements : SONG “Squash and Chronic Law Diss” READ: Daddy1’s “CUSTOM” Is The Hottest Song In Jamaica READ: Dexta Daps Song Titled “STRANGERS” Is The Hottest New Tune In …

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Ding Dong the Dancehall Dancing King and his Impact on the World

Ding Ding has been an inspiration for many of the youth in Jamaica and other places, because of his hard work and humility. He is now a cultural ambassador for New York and he also received the Cultural Special Congressional Recognition certificate awardee. He started out with a dance move he called Syvah and the music to match and didn’t expect to be where he is now. He is very passionate about what he does and he got married recently. Ding Dong whose real name is Kemar Christopher Dwaine Ottey spoke about his values, his love for his children and his plan to uplift the youth in an interview a long time ago and now it is clear that he is doing what he planned to do and the Ravers Clavers (a team of young dancers) are going places. They are all a part of the Romeich Entertainment team. Ding …

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LISTEN: Alkaline – Death Announcements : SONG “Squash and Chronic Law Diss”

Round two has started and Alkaline is the first to take aim. The lyrical battle is on as we await a reply from Squash and Chronic Law. Alkline states that Squashes friends are having sex with his mother and a whole lot more dirty stuff in this new release and the song is already trending at number 1 on youtube in Jamaica in less than 24 hours. SOME LYRICS “Pussy dem a trace, shot inna yo headspace.. death announcement” Released September 2019 Dancehall Music Genre Produced by -Tru Ambassador Ent Listen to full song below!

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Reggae Boyz Beats Antigua and Barbuda 6-0

The Jamaica National men football team tackled Caribbean opponents Antigua and Barbuda moments in their first match of the 2019-2020 CONCACAF Nation’s League. The match was played at the Montego Bay Sports Complex and the kick off time was 7pm local time. Jamaica open the scoring after just 8 minutes after Captian Goalkeeper Andre Blake kick the ball upfield, the ball was headed on by Leon bailey to Shamar Nicholson who makes a wonderful first touch and second before place the ball behind the goalkeeper. Bobby Reid scored for Jamaica next after putting away another chance which was created by Bailey. Bailey had a clear chance at goal in the 30add minute but put the ball over the crossbar. Nicholson scored his second in the 50th minute after heading in a cross from Powell. Brown Scored in the 67 minute, just minutes after going on the field. Leon Bailey Finally …

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Reggae Boyz vs. Antigua and Barbuda TODAY in Montego Bay

The Jamaica National men football team is set to tackle Caribbean opponents Antigua and Barbuda in their first match of the 2019-2020 CONCACAF Nation’s League. The match is scheduled to play at the Montego Bay Sports Complex with kick off time being 7pm local time. The CONCACAF Nation’s League has 41 different countries/teams from the Concacaf region in the same competition for the first time. See Jamaica Reggae Boyz Current squad for the match below! The league has 3 groups, League A, League B and League C. As the Reggae Boyz get set to commence League “B” action in the CONCACAF Nations League, they will be without striker Cory Burke, who was among those called up to the squad for the upcoming games. Coach Theodore Whitmore said he was forced to drop Burke as the player was not focused. See all scheduled match for today below! Friday, September 6, 2019 …

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Pataskeng the New Sensation in the Dancehall with the Dance “Touch”

Pataskeng is the young dancer/artiste burning up the dancehall with a new dance that he calls “Touch”. In a recent interview, he spoke about the origins of the dance and said it was a blessing. He said.”Mi and mi bredren Pedro was chillin at Magnum Wednesday and Kemar Icon was there as well.” He heard the song “Talk Bout” playing and he felt a different vibe. This caused him to run through a space that he saw in the middle of the crowd and he then started moving his hands in a new way. Two little girls, Pretty-Pretty and Rebel saw him, and they started talking about his moves and began following him while they did the dance. Eventually, almost everyone learned the moves and that is how the dance “Touch” became the new craze. After that a three-year-old child dancing to the same song he felt like dancing more. …

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