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Church Returns Kanye West Donation, Here’s Why

A church in Atlanta was ok with Kanye West performing his Sunday service ceremony at their church however they were not about to accept money from a Donald Trump supporter. According to the pastor, he talked with his church on the matter of accepting money from Kanye West, the church, …

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Spice is the New Brand Ambassador for Magnum Tonic Wine

The Dancehall Queen became the new ambassador of Magnum Tonic Wine on Wednesday night. The announcement was made during Magnum’s 20th anniversary celebration. Marsha Lumley the marketing director, at J. Wray and Nephew Limited, spoke about how excited she was about the partnership with Spice, because of her magnetic persona, …

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Driver of Getaway Car in Peter Tosh’s murder is now a Pastor in Spanish Town

On Friday, October 18th at the Peter Tosh Symposium held at the U.W.I. a bombshell was dropped by Native Wayne Jobson, the double Grammy award-winning producer, radio personality, and producer of the Canadian Academy Award-nominated Peter Tosh film Stepping Razor/ Red X. He revealed that the driver of the getaway …

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